• Build your tech support dream team.

    Make your everyday IT operations simpler with your own tech experts—network engineers, system administrators, support technicians and more. Name who you need and we'll get them to you.

We'll build the right IT team for you.

We recruit IT experts, on your behalf, who can take care of your systems and infrastructure.

24/7 Helpdesk Support

Let us know how many tiers you need and we'll provide you a pool of qualified candidates you can choose from.

Server Management

We can find the right people in managing your servers, devices, and cloud.

Managed Backups

Your team can manage backups 24/7, fix backup failures, and test restores to ensure the backups work 100% of the tme.

Information Security

Your dedicated team will handle your information professionally and ensure your data is not leaked or compromised.

Choose from an array of IT talent pool.

Our professionals have a vast experience in IT and we’ll make sure to dedicate someone who fits your unique requirements.

  • Technical Support Representatives

  • Network and Security Engineers

  • System Administrators

  • Help Desk Support Tier 1

  • Help Desk Support Tier 2

  • Help Desk Support Tier 3

  • Project Engineer

  • Server management

  • Backup management

  • SOC engineer

  • Application Support Specialist

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