• A simple offshore process.

    Tell us who you need and we’ll recruit talented professionals dedicated to your business operations.

  • Planning

    Lets work together to put together your team. Give us the job description–duties and responsibilities–that will help us find the right candidate for you.

    We can start with as little as one employee and build from there, ensuring that your team has the right people and the right training from the start.

  • Recruitment

    We will provide you with a ready list of talented professionals that meet your criteria. We will handle all your sourcing and recruitment requirements.

    We want to be sure we reach the best candidates for your desired position. We utilize job postings on external websites, job referrals, and more to reach potential applicants. We screen the applicant pool to ensure only the best are presented to you.

  • Onboarding

    We work to get your staff onboarded and fully trained so they can start working with your team immediately.

    Onboarding is not one-size-fits-all. We will work with you depending on your needs to ensure your people are ready.

  • Management

    We will help you manage your employees' performance, making sure your employees receive proper feedback and all aspects of Philippine labor law are adhered to.

    We will track employees' performance for you and alert you on issues before they become larger problems. We will advise you on the correct way to give feedback to your team and help with all aspects of performance management.

    Start offshoring your work and save more money.

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